Innovative quantitative rapid tests for the determination of the concentration of

psychedelic substances.

Safe, accurate and mobile.

+ easy to apply

+ fast evaluation after 10 minutes

+ determination of the concentration of THC & CBD in 2 independent colorations



Psychedelic substances are illegal in Germany. Uncontrolled substances that are contaminated, diluted with other active ingredients or offered in lethal concentrations find their way onto the black market. Severe damage to health or even death are the consequences. Currently, there is no easy way to test substances, which means that awareness of the danger is rather low and education and prevention measures have a hard time.


From research, we have succeeded in simplifying a scientifically complex procedure to such an extent that the determination of the concentration of active substances can now be carried out using a cost-effective quantitative rapid test.

+ mobile and easy to use
+ accurate results in a few minutes
+ easy evaluation via color scale, APP or spectrophotometer


Our quantitative rapid tests are reliable, easy to handle, mobile

and provide a meaningful result within minutes.


Statements about the concentration and composition of psychedelic substances and other alkaloids currently require scientific expertise, access to a laboratory, specialized measuring equipment, time, and a lot of money. At the same time, they form the basis for valid decisions where these requirements are usually not met:

+ in preventive drug checking of unknown substances
+ in determining the concentration of active ingredients in natural products
+ in large-scale analyses in the field of research

And everywhere where the active ingredient content plays a critical role.


With our products, we offer for the first time an uncomplicated determination of the concentration of different active ingredients based on an innovative rapid test. The focus is always on accurate results and easy handling. Our goal is to enable self-determined decisions on a sound and safe basis.

We also want to move forward with

+ the implementation of further active ingredients and applications
+ On-site drugchecking in cooperation with the Safer Nightlife project drugstore
+ Expert presentations, trainings and webinars.

We want to make a difference together!

Team miraculix

We attach great importance to personal support and individual solutions.

We are looking forward to meeting you!






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